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Description of standards

DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm)
DIN 17455  General purpose welded circular non-annealed stainless steel tubes
DIN 17456 General purpose seamless circular stainless steel tubes
DIN 17457 Welded circular austenitic stainless steel tubes subject to special requirements
DIN 17458  Seamless circular austenitic stainless steel tubes subject to special requirements
DIN 2353  Threaded tubes and couplings with cutting ring
DIN 2642  Tolerances for seamless stainless steel tubes
DIN 2643  Tolerances for welded stainless steel tubes
DIN 2527 Blind flanges PN6
DIN 2576  Flush pipe flanges for welding PN10
DIN 2605  Bends
DIN 2615  Tees
DIN 2616   Bushings
DIN 2617  End caps
DIN 2642   Collars and loose flanges PN10


ISO (International Organisation for Standarization)
ISO 1127 Stainless steel tubes - dimensions, tolerances and conventional masses per unit length


ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) 
ASTM/ASME A 182 Forged stainless steel pipe flanges, fittings, and valves
ASTM/ASME A 213   Seamless stainless steel heat exchanger, steamers and evaporator tubes
ASTM/ASME A 269 Seamless and welded stainless steel tubing with strict tolerances for general service
ASTM/ASME A 403   Stainless steel piping Fittings
ASTM/ASME A 409  Welded large diameter stainless steel pipe for corrosive or high-temperature service
ASTM/ASME A 450  Standard specification for general requirements for carbon and low alloy steel tubes
ASTM/ASME A 473  Stainless and hear-resistant steel forgings


ANSI (Americam National Standars Institute) 
ASME B 16.5 Stainless steel flanges according to ASTM 
ASME B 16.9 Stainless steel couplings according to ASTM 
ASME B 16.11 Forged stainless steel couplings with or without thread according to ASTM   


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